Diffle is a very popular game, known as a variation of Wordle! However, in Diffle, players are not limited in the number of challenges per day and the rules of the game are also a little more complicated than in Wordle. Your task in the game is to guess a secret word using as few letters as possible. The game does not limit the number of guesses and letters in a word, so you need to be more analytical.

How to Play Diffle

Starting the game, you will type a random word you want and press Enter. Note that the word you give must have meaning in the English dictionary. Then, the clues to the mystery word will appear, displayed according to the corresponding color display level. To find the last word, you need to know the following rules, so that you can find the mystery word more easily:

  • The gray table represents the letters that are not in the mystery word.
  • The yellow cells point to the letters in the word, but they're in the wrong position.
  • The green cells represent the exact letters.

Try Diffle right now to see how many mysterious words you can figure out!

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