Yeezle is a puzzle game for music fans of Kanye West. In Yeezle, you will randomly select a song from Kanye West's 12 audio albums. There will be some certain hints in the song offered to make your judgment easier.

How to play

Each column on the game board in Yeezle displays information about the mysterious song. The suggested information may include the name of the album or song, its duration, the names of contributors, and other information shown in the columns. The game board will react in color if you answer the title correctly.
For fans of Kanye West and music in general, Yeezle is an exciting and challenging part. It challenges your knowledge of Kanye West, requiring you to have an extremely accurate memory of every piece of data. 
Discover and enjoy all Kanye West songs, and try decoding the hidden songs in Yeezle right now!

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