Connections Game is a word game where your job is to find the connection among four words or phrases. The game has 3 different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. This is a chance to challenge your logic and creativity. 

How to play Connections Game

Understand every word: Go through all the words provided in the game connection and try to understand their meaning.  You can use dictionaries or other resources to get help.

Find the magnetic connection: Use your knowledge and think about how these words are similar and what common groups they may belong to. Select and classify them into different groups.

Group and submit: After observation and analysis, click to select a word from a group. Then click Send to send the answer. If your selection is correct, the words will be displayed in the corresponding group.

Error limitation: You have a maximum of four chances to win. After the fourth game, the game is over.

Completed the game: Your goal in the game is to make each word have its own group. You'll end the game with four teams.

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