Travel Wordle is a geographical game where you have to guess the names of the countries you must travel through. The game will tell you the beginning and end of your upcoming journey. Accordingly, the locations of the two countries will be pre-marked on the map. Your task is to guess the names of all the neighbors and between the two countries marked. Travel Wordle uses satellite maps to ensure that you have the most authentic view of all the countries in the world.

How to Play Travel

The rules of the game Travel are quite simple; you just follow the instructions below: 

  • The two start and end countries are marked and displayed on the screen.  
  • You need to guess the names and find the neighbors and countries between the two countries on the map. 
  • If you guess correctly, that country will appear on the map and be marked green.
  • If you make a mistake, you will know exactly where the country you just guessed is on the world map.
  • You'll have a total of 10 chances to find the link between the two nations.  

This is definitely a great game for those who like to travel and explore. Let's see how good your knowledge of geography is!

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