Crossover Grid is a puzzle game where you can test your knowledge of a variety of sports. Your task in the game is to identify a specific player for each grid cell, following the defined rules. Player identifications will be shown above and to the left of the grid. The player you guess must meet both of those requirements. You have a total of nine guesses.

How to Play Crossover Grid

Read on for the following steps to play Crossover Grid:

  • Read the rules on each row and column of the grid. For example, you may see "Los Angeles Clippers" in the row and "Toronto Raptors" in the column, which means the player used to play for both of these teams.
  • Find a player who fits both rules, type them in the box, and press enter. For example, you may guess "Kawhi Leonard," who has played for both the Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors.
  • If your guess is correct, the player's name will appear on the grid. If not, you will lose one guess.
  • Win the game with nine correct guesses. 
  • Use hints if you cannot make a guess.

Will you win this Crossover Grid game? Good luck!

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