Welcome to the NHL Grid.
All NHL fans and hockey fans are invited! Prepare to go on an exciting trip filled with hockey trivia with NHL Grid. NHL Grid Quest provides a fun grid-based trivia game that you can easily share with friends, family, and other hockey lovers. It is designed to test your hockey knowledge and stoke your competitive spirit.
NHL Grid: What Is It?
NHL Grid is a compelling and dynamic experience that puts the world of NHL hockey at your fingertips. It is not your typical trivia game. NHL Grid Quest offers a thrilling opportunity to put your hockey IQ to the ultimate test with a grid packed with fascinating questions covering players, teams, iconic moments, and more.
What is the NHL Grid?
Get ready to explore a grid with questions about hockey that range in difficulty. Your objective? While navigating the grid, try to correctly respond to as many questions as you can. Your progress through the quest will increase with each accurate response. But beware of the odd sneaky question that can mislead you!

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