Plusword is an engaging word game that gives players a crossword challenge. The game is a variation on the traditional word guessing game. It is a fantastic way to enhance your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. The game is suitable for players of all ages and is free to play.

How to Play Plusword

Did you know how to play the Plusword game? Below, we provide you with simple steps to conquer this game.

Joining the game, you will see a grid of letters and numbers. Each letter has a corresponding number, but it is a secret.

  • Fill in some of the words on the grid by using the clues at the bottom of the grid. The clues are similar to those in a crossword, but additionally tell you the sum of the numbers for each word.
  • Try to find out the rest of the letters and numbers. The pencil icon will help you make notes on the grid.
  • Fill in all the words, and you have solved the puzzle!

The game also provides support to check answers, get hints, and find solutions. In addition, you can also see your position compared to other players. Have fun with it!

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