The Password Game is a puzzle game that challenges players to create the hardest possible password. The game will constantly give you password rules that are increasingly complex and unusual. Your task is to make your password meet those requirements. Once each rule is met, a green checkmark will appear.

How to Play The Password Game

If you are still confused about how to play The Password Game, follow the detailed instructions below to learn more and avoid making mistakes in the game.

  • Go to the website.
  • Type a random password and press Enter. A new rule will pop up, requiring you to edit the previous password to meet it.

Example: The rule: “Your password must include an uppercase letter.” Your Password can be “aBword45” with B in uppercase.

  • Type in a new password that meets the new rule in the input box. Press Enter. If your password is valid, you will move on to the next rule. If not, the rule will show a red slash, and you cannot move on.
  • Try to complete as many rules as possible. Remember that the rules will get harder as you progress.
  • See your current level at the top of the screen. You can pause the game or restart it if you want.

Have fun creating secure and funny passwords!

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