Wordle Deutsch is a German version of the Wordle game, an intriguing and addictive intellectual game in which you have to figure out a German word of five letters in six guesses. You will enter a five-letter German word and get a hint of whether you've guessed right or wrong, and if wrong, where you're wrong.

  • Every correct letter is marked green.
  • Every letter that's wrong but is in the word you're looking for is yellow.
  • Every wrong letter is completely gray.

You can play Wordle Deutsch every day with a new word, or you can share your Wordle with your friends to see who can figure the word out the fastest. Wordle Deutsch is a great way to practice vocabulary, logical inference, and entertainment in German. Some of the highlights of Wordle Deutsch are:

• You can choose the strict mode to enter only the words that match all the suggestions you have received. Your friends will know you've played in this mode when they see the star after your guess.

• You can play Wordle Deutsch on a variety of devices, from computers to smartphones. The interface of the game is designed to be simple and easy to use.

• You can join the Wordle Deutsch community to share your results, view charts, interact with other players, and get good tips to solve difficult words. Do you want to play Wordle Deutsch right now? Good luck! blush

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